2022 Sale Bulls

Join us on April 13th, 2022, at 4:00PM CST for our 19th Annual Production Sale.

Located at the farm (21239 458th Ave. Volga SD 57071)

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Thank you to everyone for attending our 2022 19th Annual Production Sale!

Lot 1- Langland of Volga 2118

Reg: AAA 20224016

Birth Date: 02/27/2021 Tattoo: 2118

2118 is a Bellaman of Volga son that goes to Moofassa 3 times and once to Moofassa’s full sister 507. This mating flat out worked. There is nothing in the pedigree but great cows, including 3 pathfinders. Travels well. Long and smooth with muscular hindquarters. His dam is a first calf heifer who did a fantastic job. 76 lb heifer bull. WWR 115 and YWR 107.

Lot 2- Limmer of Volga 2125

Reg: AAA 20224006

Birth Date: 03/01/2021 Tattoo: 2125

2125 is An Emerson son. It’s hard to describe him other than high class. He has a wide chest floor, a very deep body and a traditional old time Angus head. The cows behind him all have good udders and ample milk. His dam moved into the AI pasture this year. She is a pathfinder Lodge of Volga daughter with WWR of 4 at 114 and YWR of 4 at 112. CI 4 at 370.

Lot 3- Ledge of Volga 2116

Reg: AAA 20306650

Birth Date: 01/02/2021 Freeze Brand: 2116

2116 is the first of two Breton of Wye sons to sell. Breton is Leonid son and will be our primary herd sire in 2022. This bull is smooth shouldered and finer boned with a great top line and full hindquarter. 60 lb heifer bull.

Lot 4- Duke of Volga 2122

Reg: AAA 20306819

Birth Date: 01/16/2021 Freeze Brand: 2122

2122 is another Breton calf. He is bodied with a smooth top line and clean sheath. John’s notes say Balls, Balls, and more Balls! That pretty much sums it up.

Lot 5- Laplante of Volga 2141

Reg: AAA 20224012

Birth Date: 03/08/2021 Tattoo: 2141

2141 is a fast growing Columbus King son. He is flat topped, clean shouldered and great testicled. Can’t say enough goodness about this calfs’ dam, 0784. She is a pathfinder cow with a WWR of 12 at 114 and a YWR of 12 at 109. Her CI is 14 at 366. This bulls’ maternal half sib sells as Lot 34.

Lot 6- Artz of Volga 2175

Reg: AAA 20224010

Birth Date: 03/22/2021 Tattoo: 2175

2175 is A King son with great heart girth, smooth shoulder, long back and hip. Not the biggest bull in the pen but very correct and well balanced animal. We really like this bull. His dam has done a great job for us and continues to do so.

Lot 7- La Grande of Volga 2139

Reg: AAA 20306979

Birth Date: 03/07/2021 Tattoo: 2139

2139 is A Jason of Volga son. Jason is a double bred Leonid bull born in 1994 that we brought back up front this year. 2139 is a very masculine bull that carries and extra rib. He is smooth fronted, smooth shouldered, long loined and has plenty of libido. His dam, 1001, has a CI of 9 at 370, WWR 8 at 104 and YWR 5 at 104.

Lot 8- Crandy of Volga 2101

Reg: AAA 20299976

Birth Date: 02/09/2021 Tattoo: 2101

2101 is Billy son with a 75 lb BW. He is deep gutted animal with good nuts. The dam is one of Erikas’ Ed Oliver first calf heifers. Should make a great heifer bull.

Lot 9- Casper of Volga 2102

Reg: AAA 20224005

Birth Date: 02/13/2021 Tattoo: 2102

2102 is a tremendously thick Billy son with 65 lb BW. Big kahunas and lots of libido in this calf. Billy No Ears has been a stand out calf since day one, comparable only to our Churchill son for substance.

Lot 10- Baltzer of Volga 2104

Reg: AAA 20224002

Birth Date: 02/16/2021 Tattoo: 2104

2104 is a Billy son with all of his ears. This doesn’t happen often with our earliest calving heifers bred to Billy. Very smooth front, very clean sheath, very sleek shoulders and just an excellent heifer bull prospect. 65 lb BW and his WWR is 117 and YWR is 116.

Lot 11- Black Lajos of Volga 2145

Reg: AAA 20211459

Birth Date: 03/10/2021 Tattoo: 2145

2145 is our only SVR Lajos son in the sale. In 2020 and 2021 his full brothers were our top sellers. Thanks, Jake Bonnichsen. This calf is stout and well hung. He spends at least 20 hours a day walking the fence, bugling and looking for a girlfriend, or 10 girlfriends, or 20. This is a great bull, just check him out. His dam, 1007, has a CI of 11 at 367.

Lot 12- Landmark of Volga 2110

Reg: AAA 20211458

Birth Date: 02/23/2021 Tattoo: 2110

2110 is the only Qirth of Wye son in the sale. He is a very square, structurally sound bull; smooth shouldered with a great top line. Federal, Bonanza, Rito 36, two shots of Alap and Fahren of Wye are combined here. His dam, 1571, has a CI of 6 at 358.

Lot 13- McGuire of Volga 2142

Reg: AAA 20224009

Birth Date: 03/09/2021 Tattoo: 2142

2142 is the only SVR Columbus Lou 6144 bull in the sale. Louie calves are functional and robust. His dam, 1742, is a very productive Aberdeen daughter. Aberdeen is a Churchill son. The bull is smooth shaped with a great chest floor, level top line and enough balls to get the job done right. His dam, 1742, has a CI 4 at 370. WWR 3 at 111 and YWR 2 at 107.

Lot 14- Locke of Volga 2128

Reg: AAA 20224011

Birth Date: 03/04/2021 Tattoo: 2128

2128 is the first of three SVR Embody Eric calves to sell. A very deep sided bull with a clean sheath and smooth shoulders and impressive scrotal. BW 75lb. His dam, 1778, is a pathfinder cow with CI of 4 at 370, WWR of 3 at 106.

Lot 15- Lendie of Volga 2132

Reg: AAA 20300084

Birth Date: 03/05/2021 Tattoo: 2132

2132 is another Eric son. 2132 is an early maturing bull nuts and guts animal with a flat top and lots of horsepower. BW 76 lb. His dam, W736, has a CI of 4 at 375. Her WWR is 3 at 100 and YWR of 1 at 110.

Lot 16- Ericsson of Volga 2149

Reg: AAA 20224008

Birth Date: 03/12/2021 Tattoo: 2149

2149 is a thick Eric son. His dam, 1734, is a pathfinder cow that goes to Lodge, Bonanza, Leonid and EXT. Her CI is 4 at 366. 2149 had a 72 lb BW with individual WWR of 119 and YWR of 112. 2149 is our bull with a +50 YW EPD! Finally we are surpassing Lodge and Bonanza. At last, we are closing in on our goal of matching the YW of Three Rivers, the Performance King of the Breed. Only 146 pounds to go! John says he will keep working on it… “NOT”

To request a hard copy of the Sale Catalog, please text Erika Cotton at 605-695-5155.