2022 Sale Heifers

Join us on April 13th, 2022, at 4:00PM CST for our 19th Annual Production Sale.

Located at the farm (21239 458th Ave. Volga SD 57071)

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Thank you to everyone for attending our 2022 19th Annual Production Sale!

Lot 36- Lucy of Volga 2104

Reg: AAA 20122501

Birth Date: 02/16/2021 Tattoo: 2104

2104 is an Alap-NBar cross out of a first calf heifer. Her dam, 1929, has a beautiful Masterpiece style udder. The grand dam, 1723, is a Moderation daughter whose Alap influence is brought full circle with this mating. Expect maternal performance. WWR 105 and YWR 106

Lot 37- Blackbird of Volga 2112

Reg: AAA 20117795

Birth Date: 02/24/2021 Tattoo: 2112

2112 is a Bellaman of Volga daughter out of a first calf heifer, Blackcap of Volga 1931. 1931 sells as lot 33 with her heifer calf by Margo of Volga. A careful study of the pedigrees of Bellaman and Margo would show the usefulness of owning this calf, her dam and half sister. If you want to concentrate the 0507 cow influence, here it is. The pedigree is stacked with maternal sires, E31, Alap, and Candolier Forever.

Lot 38- Blackbird of Volga 2138

Reg: AAA 20120094

Birth Date: 03/09/2021 Tattoo: 2138

2138 is the second of only 2 Bellaman daughters to sell. Her dam is 1902, is a beautiful Breton of Wye daughter with picture perfect udder. Breton combines Leonid and Alap, a maternal combination that has worked for us for many years. Read back on the bottom side of this calfs’ pedigree and notice that 1902 goes to the good 0740 cow.

Lot 39- OUT

Reg: AAA 20224007


Lot 40- Margaret of Volga 2124

Reg: AAA 20118692

Birth Date: 01/27/2021 Tattoo: 2124

2124 is one of 2 Columbus King daughters selling. King is a straight Wye bred bull whose daughters have been stylish and milky. This calf is smaller framed and feminine, expected to mature at 1200 lbs. The CI on the dam is 5 at 355.

Lot 41- Lucy of Volga 2154

Reg: AAA 20224004

Birth Date: 03/23/2021 Tattoo: 2154

2154 is the second King daughter we are selling. She is of our N Bar Moderation 9955 cow with a calving interval of 4 at 374. This calf is a maternal half sib to dam of Lot 36. Moderation was a great cow maker. His daughters are long lived cows that work hard and stay in production and this heifer should follow that pattern.

Lot 42- Blackbird of Volga 2116

Reg: AAA 20118689

Birth Date: 02/26/2021 Tattoo: 2116

2116 is the first of our SVR Lajos daughters to sell. Lajos daughters stand out in every way, recognizable for their depth, wedge and VOLUME. This calf heifer the ground and never stopped. Compare her to the Lot 11 Lajos son to see the rib these calves are stamped with. How could you go wrong with a combination of Lajos, Luthien, Manning and Churchill? Individual WWR 119 and YWR 121 Her dam has CI of 5 at 358, WWR of 4 at 103 and YWR of 3 at 114.

Lot 43- Blackbird of Volga 2143

Reg: AAA 20120089

Birth Date: 03/10/2021 Tattoo: 2143

2143 is the second of our 2 SVR Lajos daughters to sell. It is very difficult to let these heifers go as they are sure to grow into excellent mother cows. 2143 is another deep broody Lajos type whose dam is a Black Candee out of Billy out of a Manning. Individual WWR of 99 and YWR 118.

Lot 44- Margaret of Volga 2109

Reg: AAA 20117793

Birth Date: 02/21/2021 Tattoo: 2109

2109 is the first of our SVR Columbus Lou 6119, “Smoothie”, daughters to sell. The calf has nothing fancy on her numbers but having Columbus, Rito 149, Lodge and Leonid behind her adds up to goodness. Her pathfinder dam has a CI of 7 at 366, WWR of 6 at 105 and YWR 6 at 103. This cow has been doing a great job for us and we expect her to do the same for you.

Lot 45- Barbara of Volga 2110

Reg: AAA 20117794

Birth Date: 02/23/2021 Tattoo: 2110

2110 is a another Columbus Lou 6119 heifer. Our “Smoothie” daughters in production are feminine and fertile. His heifer calves have extra refined shape. 2110’s dam ,1564, is double bred Billy and double bred Lodge. Put Columbus on top of that and Shazam! Mom has WWR of 5 at 106 and YWR 5 at 105. We expect great things from this female. Individual WWR 115 and YWR 111

Lot 46- Blackbird of Volga 2128

Reg: AAA 20118694

Birth Date: 03/01/2021 Tattoo: 2128

2128 is a deep bodied 6119 daughter out of a very nice cow. She combines Shoshone Beauigan, Churchill of Wye, 2 x Rito 149 and Columbus of Wye. Both grand dams are exceptional producers working for our customers in Texas and Nebraska. Dam has CI of 5 at 370

Lot 47- Blackbird of Volga 2163

Reg: AAA 20224014

Birth Date: 04/02/2021 Tattoo: 2163

Don’t overlook 2163. This 6119 daughter is younger than some of the other lots, smaller framed and should grow to a mature weight of 1200 lbs. The dam is a beautiful young cow from one of our favorite cow families. Banquo and Billy on the bottom side for fertility and longevity built right in.

Lot 48- Blackbird of Volga 2129

Reg: AAA 20118695

Birth Date: 03/02/2021 Tattoo: 2129

2129 is the only SVR Columbus Lou 6144, “Louie”, daughter we are going to part with. 2129 is out of a beautiful Lead daughter with a picture perfect udder. Leonid, 2 shots of E31 and 3 shots of Alap. A fertile Myrtle in the making. The CI on her dam is 4 at 365.

Lot 49- Lara of Volga 2130

Reg: AAA 20118696

Birth Date: 03/02/2021 Tattoo: 2130

2130 is a Qirth daughter out of a McCombie out of a Fahren out of an Alap with a great udder. Qirth daughters tend to have extra volume and width. A good heifer calf with a lot of fertility bred into her. McCombie as maternal grandsire brings 507 influence. A very nice package.

Lot 50- Barbara of Volga 2131

Reg: AAA 20120100

Birth Date: 03/06/2021 Tattoo: 2131

2131 is another Qirth daughter out of a very sexy Lead daughter. Calf is double bred Bonanza with 3 shots of Alap to add polish to capacity. A lot of goodness on this female. Dam has CI of 4 at 372, with WWR 3 at 102 and YWR 3 at 114

Lot 51- Barbara of Volga D138

Reg: AAA 20239832

Birth Date: 03/05/2021 Tattoo: D138

D138 is our last Qirth daughter. She is a moderate framed pretty girl with a nice hip. Her dam is an Aberdeen x Billy that has transmitted the tight udder, wide body and broad muzzle we like to see on pasture. Dam CI is 4 at 371

Lot 52- Blackbird of Volga 2120

Reg: AAA 20118690

Birth Date: 01/27/2021 Tattoo: 2120

2120 is the first of our SVR Embody Eric daughters out of Rachel’s 12 year old Coburn of Wye daughter. 1082 has never missed the mark. 2120 is deep, broody good headed female The dam has a CI of 11 at 363.

Lot 53- Lucy of Volga 2132

Reg: AAA 20120099

Birth Date: 03/07/2021 Tattoo: 2132

2132 is another Eric daughter out of 1799. 1799 goes to Churchill, Larkan and Moofassa for depth of body, growth and fertility. 1799 has been a good cow and will pass that goodness right on to her daughter. Dam has a CI of 4 at 361.

Lot 54- Lucy of Volga 2134

Reg: AAA 20223999

Birth Date: 03/04/2021 Tattoo: 3134

E3134 is Erika’s Embody Eric daughter out of an Oliver O Mr Banquo daughter, combining capacity with femininity. Easy keeping on top and bottom side, this female should be a profitable producer. Dam has CI of 5 at 365.

Lot 55- Margaret of Volga 2136

Reg: AAA 20120096

Birth Date: 03/08/2021 Tattoo: 2136

2136 is an Eric daughter out of 8 year old pathfinder Maxamillion daughter, 1417. A deep bodied, wedgy calf with growth. The influence of 507 thru Max show in the fertility and predictability of these females. Dam has a CI at 363, WWR 6 at 107 and YWR of 5 at 109. Calf boasts WWR of 112 and YWR of 114.

To request a hard copy of the Sale Catalog, please text Erika Cotton at 605-695-5155.