2022 Sale Pairs

Join us on April 13th, 2022, at 4:00PM CST for our 19th Annual Production Sale.

Located at the farm (21239 458th Ave. Volga SD 57071)

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Thank you to everyone for attending our 2022 19th Annual Production Sale!

Lot 26- Blackbird of Volga 1706

Reg: AAA 19047542

Birth Date: 02/13/2017 Tattoo: 1706

1706 combines Federal, Bonanza, Manning, Churchill and E31. Her dam 10 year daughter of the 0740 cow. Bred to Boyd of Volga, a Lead son out of John’s favorite cow, 1564. She is calving late through no fault of her own. We have retained a Breton daughter, 1902, out of this cow and are selling her Bellaman heifer calf as Lot 38.

Lot 27- Elieen of Volga 1725

Reg: AAA 19047576

Birth Date: 02/20/2017 Tattoo: 1725

1725 is a Maxamillion daughter, whose dam has WWR of 6 at 102 and a YWR of 4 at 102. This cow has lots of depth and volume with a great udder. She comes with a 76 lb BW 6119 “Smoothie” bull calf. 6119 is one of our Columbus sons. CI 4 at 370.

Lot 28- Margaret of Volga 1735

Reg: AAA 19047561

Birth Date: 02/21/2017 Tattoo: 1735

1735 A hard working Lead daughter. She is smooth fronted cow, just coming into prime production, with fertility and longevity built right in. We have retained 2 of her daughters who are working well in the herd right now. She sells with a Margo of Volga bull calf at side. Margo is by Columbus King out of 507. We love Margo calves so far. 507 in a bull calf is always a good thing. CI 4 at 371.

Lot 29- Blue Ribbon of Volga 1768

Reg: AAA 19055755

Birth Date: 03/03/2017 Tattoo: 1768

1768 Her sire is a Lodge of Wye son. Her dam is a very productive Mojo daughter with WWR 7 at 105 and YWR of 4 at 107. We have retained 2 daughters from 1768. She sells with a King heifer calf. King is a straight Wye bred Columbus son from SVR. 1768 has a CI of4 at 370 and a WWR of 3 at 104.

Lot 30- Blue Ribbon of Volga 1796

Reg: AAA 19049410

Birth Date: 05/15/2017 Tattoo: 1796

1796 A Legendary Lou daughter. Legendary Lou is Billy’s 7/8 brother. 1796 has been a great bull producer and the King heifer calf she sells with is her first daughter. CI 4 at 368 and WWR is 3 at 109 and YWR is 2 at 109.

Lot 31- Enzora of Volga 1831

Reg: AAA 19329116

Birth Date: 03/02/2018 Tattoo: 1831

1831 is a Lead daughter out of a Lancaster daughter. 1831 is bred to our up and coming 2 year old Lead son Boyd of Volga. Her calf, to be born before the sale, will have 6 shots of Alap up front. If a heifer, this calf will be just too nice. Her CI is 2 at 376 and her WWR is 2 at 102.

Lot 32- Blackbird of Volga 1873

Reg: AAA 19329131

Birth Date: 03/13/2018 Tattoo: 1873

1873 is very very hard choice to sell this animal but the banker doesn’t care about that. She is an O Mr Banquoe out of the Moofassa daughter 0727. 0727 had a WWR of 10 at 106 and a YWR of 9 at 104. 1873 was her last calf and she is well on her way to following in her fantastic mother’s’ footsteps. At side is a 76 lb “Smoothie” bull calf. 1873 has a CI of 3 at 363, a WWR of 2 at 105 and YWR of 2 at 103. She had an individual WWR of 117.

Lot 33- Blackcap of Volga 1931

Reg: AAA 19633922

Birth Date: 03/06/2019 Tattoo: 1931

1931 A Black Candee out of a Larkan. Larkan was our good Contact of Wye son out of a Manning daughter. 1931 is nice cow with her whole future ahead of her. Her daughter 2112 sells as Lot 37. She comes with a Margo heifer calf at side. This should be an extra good calf. 1931 has a CI of 2 at 369.

Lot 34- Margaret of Volga 035

Reg: AAA 19971187

Birth Date: 03/24/2020 Tattoo: 2035

2035 is a first calf heifer. She is a Lead daughter out of a very productive More of Volga daughter, 0784. 0784 is a great cow that has had 12 calves at 114 WWR and 12 at 109 YWR. We would not be selling this lot if 0784 had not had a heifer calf this year to replace her. 2035 sells with a 62 lb Billy heifer calf at side. A Billy daughter is always special.

Lot 35- Eileen of Volga 2052

Reg: AAA 20304759

Birth Date: 05/13/2020 Tattoo: 2052

2052 is a first calf heifer bred to Masterstroke of Volga, an E31 son out of 0507. The sire of 2052 was Buff of Volga, a SVR Legendary Lou son. Legendary Lou is a maternal half brother to our SVR Columbus Lou bulls as well as a 7/8 brother to Billy. Buff’s dam was a very solidly bred cow going to Lodge of Wye, Manning of Wye, Billy and Evergreen Lodge 6T. We love the way 6T commingles with the Leonid in our cows. The Lodge, Leonid, Rito 149 and E31 repetitions in 2052’s pedigree will keep turning in the present mating to Masterstroke.

To request a hard copy of the Sale Catalog, please text Erika Cotton at 605-695-5155.