2023 Sale Pairs

Join us on April 19th, 2023, at 4:00PM CST for our 20th Annual Production Sale. 

Located at the farm (21239 458th Ave. Volga SD 57071)


"John has decided that any cow that has not calved by sale time will be offered at the sale. We will have them available for viewing on sale day. 

This is in addition to the 15 pairs that will be on the sale.

The cows are not at fault. A bull was injured on pasture a couple years ago, and the calving intervals of those cows were disrupted, 

setting them back from March to April. This does not fit John's calving window. He says all the late breds go, even heifers he had planned keep back for himself."

Take Advantage of these Great Bred Cows!

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(These were taken by Erika Cotton, not DVA. Jody does way better than I do.)

Lot 24- Margaret of Volga 1507

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1507 has 3 daughters in our program, which is why we are okay with putting her on the sale. John says “I guess we can stop hogging her now…” She’s an 8 year old with many years left to work in her, and structurally what we like to see in a good cow. She’s had two high selling bulls in our previous sales, too. “This cow could be someone’s foundation female.” She is paired with a 72# 6106 heifer calf. 

Lot 25- Barbara of Como W614

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Smaller framed, but tank of a cow. Beautiful wedge shape, with good milk. Her pedigree is fun, lots of Pathfinders. CI of 6@365. She calved a 61# SVR Columbus Lou 6106 heifer calf. 

Lot 26- Margaret of Volga 1667

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A wedgie Avogadro daughter, weighing 1300#. We have had several Avogadro females, they are thick, “get ‘er done kinda workers.” We have retained all 5 of her daughters in the herd, all are all hard workers. “She’s the kind of cow that works under the radar, you’ll hardly notice her because she doesn’t have any problems.” CI of 6@367. It would be fun to see her outcrossed. Paired with a 78# Lodi of Volga heifer calf.

Lot 27- Margaret of Volga 1669

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“This is a cool cow.” Growth from Midland, thickness from Big Don and Madsen. She’s always been a stand out, making great bulls and heifers for us. Beautiful udder, put together right. “It’s hard to let a cow like this go, but she will make someone, and their banker, really happy.” CI of 5@365. Sells with a Breton of Wye bull calf at side.

Lot 28- Hyland Lottie of Volga 1690

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She goes back to Sam Wylie’s Lottie line. A great bred cow- Luthien, Aristocrat, and Cordova. Frame 5 female, with an appealing structure and pretty udder. CI of 6@365. Selling at her side is a nice, 64# Lodi of Volga heifer calf. 

Lot 29- Alonna of Volga 1746

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She’s one of two Lead daughters to be sold this year. Triple bred to 0507. Her maternal granddam, 370, was our original “mini-milker.” CI of 5@367. She has the signature Lead of Volga udder that we love, good gutty body, and great feet and legs. By her side sells an 84# SVR Prince Copeland bull calf.

Lot 30- Lady Ida 92 of Volga 1778

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1778 is a very feminine looking female. She’s fine boned and walks well. Candolier Forever, triple bred Manning, plus a little Churchill to spice it up. “She’s royally bred. Like a princess.” A Pathfinder cow with a CI of 5@369, a great producer. Sells with an 80# Prince of Malpas grandson at her side. 

Lot 31- Lara of Como W734

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She’s a deep bodied, frame 5 cow weighing 1320#. Lots of great sires in her pedigree, 376, Billy, and Larkan. Very productive Pathfinder cow, CI of 5@367. WWR 4@104, YWR 4@100. So far she has been a cow making machine, and this year is no exception. Selling with a 71# Prince of Malpas granddaughter at her side.

Lot 32- Lara of Como W736

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This cow is out of Billy of Volga’s 7/8th brother. Lodge and Larkan. Long bodied cow with great angles, “and an udder that makes you want a milkshake.” Hard cow to sell. CI of 5@366, WWR 4@99, and YWR of 2@102. Sells with a 74# Lodi of Volga bull calf, your future heifer bull.

Lot 33- O Miss 330 309 600

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This is an original Oliver Angus daughter that Erika brought into her herd in 2019. She’s a deep sided cow, weighing 1240#. Double bred 147- one of the Late Ed Oliver’s final herd bulls that he bred. Great CI of 4@364. She sells with a Margo of Volga heifer calf. If there wasn’t a little baby Erika on the way, she’d be keeping this cow, but those diaper bills add up! 

Lot 34- Margaret of Volga 1813

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Another, “I can’t believe we are selling this great cow.” Just plain perfect. Lodge, Bonanza, Cedric, Big Don. She was set up for success, and it shows. “This cow has the whole world ahead of her.” CI of 4@367, WWR of 3@103, YWR of 2@105. Her Margo bull calf sells as Lot 11. At her side sells a 83# Lodi bull calf. If there wasn’t a little baby Erika on the way, Grandpa John would be keeping this cow, but he might have to start buying diapers, too! 

Lot 35- Blackbird of Volga 1828

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Second Lead daughter to be sold. Lead of Volga gives us extraordinary udders, great overall structure, and that traditional angus head that we all love. 1828 is a great example of his fine females. Alap, Lodge, and E31 going back in her pedigree. Young cow weighing 1290#, with a CI of 4@367. She sells with a 73# SVR Columbus Lou 6106 heifer calf. 

Lot 36- Lafy Ida 92 of Volga 1857

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Petite cow, breeds well to deep bodied bulls. Framey with a beautiful udder. Candolier Forever, Leonid, and Churchill. CI of 4@371. Two daughters in production, both have been very impressive so far. Sells with a 94# Leo of Volga bull calf at her side. 

Lot 37- O Miss 330 303 936

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Bought on the Oliver’s 2020 sale, this young cow is a great example of the sweet Georgia genes that we have running around here. A smaller framed female weighing 1020#. CI of 2@325, WWR 2@102, and YWR 2@106. This girl has a lot of years left, and would make a great starter cow for anyone. Sells with a 77# Margo bull calf at her side. 

Lot 38- Margaret of Volga 1938

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Youngest cow on the sale, but don’t let that deter you. Columbus, Cedric, and Big Don- she’s put together well, ready to work. 1250# with a CI of 3@364. She has a lot of longevity in her pedigree, so we expect her to be around for a while too. A ton of volume, wide mussel, and great topline. She sells with a 68# Leo of Volga heifer calf at her side. 

Here are the additional five Bred Heifers added to the Sale!

To request a hard copy of the Sale Catalog, please text Erika Cotton at 605-695-5155.