2023 20th Annual Production Sale

Join us on April 19th, 2023, at 4:00PM CST for our 20th Annual Production Sale. 

Located at the farm (21239 458th Ave. Volga SD 57071)

Sale Offerings:

23 Yearling Aberdeen Angus Bulls                  

22 Yearling Aberdeen Angus Heifers

15 Cow/Calf Pairs

Remaining Bred Cows from Herd at the time of Sale


"John has decided that any cow that has not calved by sale time will be offered at the sale. We will have them available for viewing on sale day. 

This is in addition to the 15 pairs that will be on the sale.

The cows are not at fault. A bull was injured on pasture a couple years ago, and the calving intervals of those cows were disrupted, 

setting them back from March to April. This does not fit John's calving window. He says all the late breds go, even heifers he had planned keep back for himself."

Take Advantage of these Great Bred Cows!

To request a Sale Catalog:

Call/Text Erika at 605-695-5155

Email Erika at erikacotton22@gmail.com.

Phone Bids available per written in Catalog!

Cattle will be available to view out at the farm the day of the sale.

If you would like to come see them beforehand, please call Erika to set up a time.

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21239 458th Ave. 

Volga SD 57071

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Dear Friends and Smart Cattlemen, 

Erika Cotton here, writing in first person. It’s about time I give everyone my 2 cents on our program- easier said than done, so bear with me. 

This is the 20th Anniversary of our Annual Production Sale. In 2003, I would’ve been in third grade. I can remember going to the Madison Livestock Sale Barn, and hosting the sale with Bill Doyle and Ricky Hyland. Over the years as we grew, we moved the sale to the ranch, and also started the online option with DVAuction. Even with all the Sale changes we have had over the last 20 years, one thing has stayed the same—my family’s love, passion, and drive to breed good cattle. 

As a young girl, the cows were just cows to me. I helped with chores where Dad would let me, trying to not get mistaken for a little coyote in pink coveralls. Our cows weren’t used to a 3 foot hired hand yet, but as I grew, the cows realized I wasn’t there to steal their calves. They grew to love me as much as I loved them. 

Fast forward to April 2011; this was the first year I had the pleasure of going to the WYE sale in Maryland. After the first day of touring the pastures, I didn’t think I could handle seeing any more cows. Half asleep in the back of our rental car, the Late Mr. Ed Oliver came and knocked on my window. “Let’s go look at some cows, young lady.” And that was the pickup ride that took my love for the black angus breed to a whole new level. Mr. Ed changed my outlook on cows for the better. 

August 2011, I went on another expedition with my dad to meet the Late Mr. Larry Leonhardt in Wyoming. I can’t say I remember everything he talked about, but I do remember being impressed with his females. His quote, “…our cattle are a reflection of the one who owns them,” has really stuck. 

Sitting here writing this, I can’t help but think- my dad’s hard work and love for his cows really does show in our herd. Our cows reflect his love for them. He has said many times, “Once you have a good cow- just be satisfied.” And his favorite phrase that he has always held honest to- “Why Change?”, is true. If you’re always looking for the next big thing, the next best EPD, the next best whatever- you won’t have any consistency in your program. Throughout the years, just like Ed and Larry, we have stuck to what we know, concentrated on what we wanted, and not dabbled in the ever-changing trends of today’s mainstream angus. I’m proud to say that Thomas and I are continuing to “not change” in our cows either. Because of the predictability in our breedings, we don’t have to worry about uncertainty. Everything is already proven. And I hope that through the cattle that we are offering in this year’s sale, you can experience the same certainty that we feel. 

So, if you’ve made it this far, on behalf of Cotton Angus, thank you for your interest in our program. We appreciate you and your business! Whether in person, on the internet, or over the phone, we look forward to working with you in finding your next “certainty.” 

There will be a special opportunity this year. My dad has decided to offer any cow that has not calved by sale time. This is in addition to the 15 pairs listed in the catalog. The cows are not at fault- a bull was injured on pasture a couple of years ago, and their calving intervals were disrupted, setting them back from March to April. They just do not fit our calving window anymore. Take advantage of this, as they are without a doubt great cows. I will have their pedigrees posted on cottonangusranch.com the day before the sale. 

I would also like to thank everyone that has helped us out in the last year and at this year’s sale. We could not manage this without the help of our trusted neighbors, family and friends. 

Like last year, a light lunch will be held at noon, and the sale will start at 4:00PM CST, on the farm. View videos of the lots on DVAuction.com and check out our website to get a better understanding of what we are doing around here. Last minute updates will be posted there, as well as our Facebook page. 

Thanks again, 

Cotton Angus and Crüe 

Here are the five additional Bred Heifers being offered!

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