Other Herd Sires

Below are Sires that you can find in our herd pedigrees.

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Emulation 31

Reg: AAA #6064368 

Birth Date: 03/08/1968 Tattoo: 858

Breeder: 110550 - Murray Corbin, Connerville OK


13613 - Ankony Shadow Isle Ranch, Clarkesville GA

112553 - John S Cotton, Volga SD

406621 - N Bar Land & Cattle Co, Bend OR

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“Emulation 31 is one of the all-time most influential sires in the history of the breed who can be found prominently in many pedigrees more than four decades after his birth.

Emulation 31 was bred by Murray Corbin in Oklahoma where he was the top-performing bull of his calf crop with both the highest 205-day weight at 752 pounds and the highest 365-day weight of 1,319 pounds. He went in to record a mature weight of 2,300 pounds.

Emulation 31 was a proven Pathfinder Sire who remains a highly regarded outcrossed sire recognized for transmitting exceptional calving-ease and maternal traits. His daughters were noted for superior udder quality, longevity, productivity, and protective mothering ability. More than 1,300 of his daughters were enrolled in the AHIR program to post a collective progeny weaning ratio of 102.”

This footnote is from “Angus Legends” Special Edition Set vol. 1 of 2. By Tom Burke, Kurt Schaff, and Jeremy Haag.

O Mr Banjo 147

Reg: AAA *16667427

Birth Date: 10/07/2009 Tattoo: 147

Breeder: 118833 - Cripple Pines Farm, Pine Mountain GA


118833 - Cripple Pines Farm, Pine Mountain GA

1089452 - Snake Creek Angus, Platte SD

Sire: Banjo of Wye

Dam: O Miss Alap L 2246-41

In 2016, Erika bought her first 6 foundation heifers from Ed Oliver, all sired by O Mr. Banjo. 

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Rito 707 of Ideal 533 70 

(Rito 149)

Reg: AAA #6810901

Birth Date: 03/28/1970 Tattoo: 340

Breeder: 294437 - Jorgensen Bros, Ideal SD


294440 - Jorgensen Ranches, Ideal SD

1058214 - ABS Global Inc, De Forest WI

Sire: R R Rito 707

Dam: Skymere of Ideal 312

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Schearbrook Shoshone

DOB: 2-7-1971

Reg# 7011424

Breeder: Henry Leonhardt Jr. & Sons, Cowley, Wyoming

Owners: Henry Leonhardt Jr. & Sons, Cowley, Wyoming; Schearbrook Angus, Clayton, Ohio; Northcote Farm, Forest, Virginia

"Schearbrook Shoshone is the legendary Pathfinder Sire who is widely recognized as a common denominator for both high-maternal and high-marbling genetics in the Angus breed. Schearbrook Shoshone was bred in Leonhardt's Shoshone performance Angus herd at Cowley, Wyoming, and he was purchased by Schearbrook Angus of Clayton, Ohio, as a baby calf alongside his dam, Shoshone Blackbird. He attained an impressive 205-day weight of 745 pounds and a 365-day weight of 1,275 pounds with an average daily gain of 3.45, along with a mature weight of 2,180 pounds. Schearbrook Shoshone was the largest bull in his class when exhibited as both a junior bull calf at the 1972 National Western and again as a junior yearling at the 1973 National Western. He went on to serve as a longtime featured member of the Select Sires AI Stud. Beaufort of Wye, the sire of Schearbrook Shoshone, was double-bred to the famous sire, Fabron of Wye, and traced four times to the Wye foundation sire, Puck of Wickwire.

He has left a lasting legacy with many popular descendants woven into the fabric of the breed. In the decades that followed, he was represented multiple times in many prominent pedigrees."

Photo and Information is from Angus Legends, Special Edition Set, vol. I of II, by Tom Burke, Kurt Schaff, and Jeremy Haag

Emulation N Bar 5522

DOB: 3-23-1982

Reg# 10095639

Tattoo: 2544

Breeder: N Bar Land & Cattle Co., Grass Range, Montana

Owners: N Bar Land & Cattle Co., Grass Range, Montana; Lost Lake Ranch, Great Falls, Montana; Green Garden Angus Farm, Ellsworth, Kansas; Galen & Lori Fink, Manhattan, Kansas; Robert E. Thomas, Baker City, Oregon; Thomas Angus Ranch, Baker City, Oregon

"Emulation N Bar 5522 emerged in the mid-1980s as an outcross calving- ease sire, born 14 years after the birth of his famous Pathfinder Sire, Emulation 31. Bred at the legendary N Bar Ranch at Grass Range, Montana, he was one of the most intriguing sires in breed history. He recorded a birth weight of 80 pounds, a 205-day weight of 623 pounds for a weaning ratio of 119, a 365-day weight of 1,196 pounds for a yearling ratio of 121 and a yearling scrotal circumference of 36cm. He developed into a 2,275 pound mature bull with a 57 inch hip height and a 42cm scrotal circumference. Emulation N Bar 5522 will be forever remembered as the sire of N Bar Emulation EXT, the most widely-used sire in breed history."

Photo and Information is from Angus Legends, Special Edition Set, vol. I of II, by Tom Burke, Kurt Schaff, and Jeremy Haag

Shoshone Viking GD60

Reg: AAA #8805991

Birth Date: 02/12/1976 Tattoo: GD60

Breeder: 333269 - Henry Leonhardt Jr & Sns, Cowley WY


327787 - Ben Lawson, Rocklin CA

512971 - Shoshone Angus, Lovell WY

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Scott Shively and Erika, 2020