2024 Sale Pairs

Join us online at DVAuction.com, April 10th at 10:00AM CST-13th at 5:00PM CST, 

for our 21st Annual Production Sale. 

Cattle are available to view at the farm (21239 458th Ave. Volga SD 57071). 

Call John at 605 690 4287 to set up time to check everyone out!


"John has decided that any cow that has not calved by sale time will be offered at the sale. We will have them available for viewing on sale day. 

This is in addition to the 15 pairs that will be on the sale.

The cows are not at fault. A bull was injured on pasture a couple years ago, and the calving intervals of those cows were disrupted, 

setting them back from March to April. This does not fit John's calving window. He says all the late breds go, even heifers he had planned keep back for himself."

Take Advantage of these Great Bred Cows!

Lot 43- Margaret of Volga 2213

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Smoothie daughter out of 754. 754 is a larger framed Lead daughter that has made a lot of good females for us, including this one. 213 had a WWR of 119 as a calf. Plenty of growth here. Beautiful, iconic Smoothie udder. Sells with a fresh Laxton Bull calf, born on 2/13 at 69#. He’ll be your next heifer bull!

Lot 44- Lucy of Volga 2258

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“I can’t believe I am selling the girl.” Lajos of Wye granddaughter. Her pedigree is all WYE on top, with Wye and N Bar on the bottom. Great disposition, with a tremendous little udder. She sells with a 65# Billy of Volga bull calf at her side.

Lot 45- Blackbird of Volga 2277

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This Lajos daughter just calved on picture day with a Laxton heifer calf. Generations of “flat out good cows.” This first calf heifer has is wedgie with the great Lajos look.

Lot 46- Lucy of Volga 2134

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This is a smaller framed cow that lost her 13 year old mom on pasture at only 4 months old. She weaned herself on grass, and has only improved since. 889 produced lots of great progeny for us, including our herd bull- Lodi of Volga 1879. 889 is a direct descendant out of the Larry Leonhardt cows. Give this girl a chance, she has a lot to prove. Sells with a 74# Lodi heifer calf born on 3/7.

Lot 47- Barbara of Volga 2137

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Big things come in little packages! This petite Columbus Lou 6110 daughter has not calved yet, but we are looking forward to her McKane calf, who will add growth.

Lot 48- Margaret of Volga 2158

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This good lookin girl is an Emerson daughter out of a Masterpiece granddaughter. She weighed 1060# at weaning last year. Some of the best cows Dad has ever raised are in her pedigree. Bred to our Columbus King son, Margo of Volga.

Lot 49- Cora of Volga 2164

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“This is a dam nice King cow, that’ll make someone’s banker happy.” Smooth, level udder with uniform teats. This is one of Erika’s Oliver Angus descendants, with Wye on top. 1200# cow with lots of longevity. She sells with a 62# “Dave” heifer calf. 

Lot 50- Blackbird of Volga 2015

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“Alright we need to spend some time on this footnote. This is my Viking daughter. Why am I selling my only Viking daughter?!” Milky female that raises a great calf every year. WWR of 2@106 and YWR of 2@105. She sells with a 74# Leo bull calf, a full sib to Lot 20. Leo is our Churchill of Wye son. 

Lot 51- Lady Ida 100 2037

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Okay, this girl is productive. She is a larger framed Lead daughter that rings all the bells. Alap, Candolier Forever 376, and Lodge of Wye. She has worked very well in our program. CI of 3@370, WWR of 2@111, and a YWR of 2@110. On her side sells a Leo heifer calf born 2/24. Also check out her Dave daughter that sells as Lot 31. Total family package right there!

Lot 52- Cora of Volga 2242

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“Probably Erika’s nicest first calf heifer… Why are you selling her, Erika??” As I write this, I am second guessing my choice, but listen- formula is expensive! Let my loss be your extreme gain. Her dam, 464, is one of my favorite cows purchased from Oliver Angus. Her udder is perfect, she is proportional in every way. She sells with an 80# James Bond bull calf.

Lot 53- Lucy of Volga 1921

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Alright, where do we even start with this Pathfinder cow. 7105 has been a foundation cow- bull maker extraordinaire- that has blessed us with three females in 17 years. 921 has her same long frame, plus a way better topline. The udder on this cow is top notch, “just makes you wana have a milkshake.” 921 sells with a Prince of Malpus grandson- at 74# born on 3/4. I bet Dad will buy this bull back from you, if you let him.

Lot 54-O Miss 499 540 91

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This is a double bred 40 AND 41 granddaughter- and if you know the Oliver program- you know that’s a big deal. Erika has had great success with this cow, with a WWR of 2@111 and YWR of 1@104. We have a Breton daughter out of her, which is the only reason we are selling her. She sells with a 65# Breton heifer calf born 3/13.

Lot 55- Alanna of Volga 1747

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Second of 3 Pathfinder cow on the sale. “I told myself I wouldn’t sell anymore Billy daughters, but I guess one more won’t hurt too bad.” As you may know, Billy is our famous, go-to heifer bull. This cow is a great example of his work. Deep sided, level udder. 7 years old with an udder that looks like she’s two. Great cows in her pedigree, you can read them for yourself- but it has 5 Pathfinders in three generations. She sells with a Prince of Malpus granddaughter born 3/9.

Lot 56- Margaret of Volga 1742

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Last Pathfinder. “She’s never missed a beat.” Aberdeen daughter, mixed with Churchill, Matson, Big Don, and Muskox. Great pedigree on this cow. “Get on your computer, and dig back into the family. You’ll find where her greatness comes from fast.” She’s been a bull making machine for us. She is the dam of Lot 14, and sells with her first heifer, a 75# Breton of Wye born on 3/7. Please enjoy her first female out of 6 calves for us!

Lot 57- Barbara of Volga 1751

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751, this ole sweetheart. She’s a nice, deep bellied cow with a perfect udder. She weighs 1210#. *We do have to be honest with you. While she has no QAS Traveler in her- she always wants to get away at calving time. She has managed to calve without issue- on her own- several miles from the farm, twice. (This is not why we are selling her by the way.) She is a great cow, and takes care of her calves without worry. She likes big skies and open fields. Churchill, Billy, 6T- no wonder she can’t sit still. Sells with an 83# Prince grandson, born 3/13.


Lot 58- Blackbird of Volga 2034

Bred to Breton of Wye UMF, expected to calve May 2024

Lot 59- Barbara of Volga 2031

Bred to Leo of Volga, expected to calve May 2024

Lot 60- Margaret of Volga 2142

Bred to Columbus Lou 6106, expected to calve May 2024

Lot 61- Lucy of Volga 1723

Bred to Margo of Volga 2065, expected to calve late April 2023

Lot 62- O Miss 330 142 558

Bred to SVR Prince Copeland 8217F, expected to calve June 2024

Lot 63- Cora of Volga 2254

Bred to Laxton of Wye UMF 11662, expected to calve June 2024

Lot 64- Cora of Volga E141

Bred to Margo of Volga 2065, expected to calve late April 2024

To request a hard copy of the Sale Catalog, please text Erika Cotton at 605-695-5155.